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About L. Stan Fulmer

Experienced Polygraph Testing

 Stan Fulmer is a Polygraph Expert of over 35 years.
 Stan Fulmer is one of the most experienced Polygraph Examiners in the USA

As an expert of over 35 years he has conducted polygraph examinations and testified for the defense as well as law enforcement (including military). He is one of the very few examiners who has ever conducted polygraph examinations on Death Row itself with results sent directly to the Governor.

Stan Fulmer is one of the most experienced and licensed Polygraph Examiners in the United States. Mr. Fulmer has held Polygraph Examiner licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Mr. Fulmer has also conducted examinations in California, New York, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Louisiana, meeting each one of these states polygraph examiner qualification regulations and applicable licensing laws.

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